Get a free cookie!  Coloring Contest!

Color in one of these coloring pages and drop off at Cookie Crimes to claim a free cookie! On Oct 28, all pages handed in will be get entered in to a draw for a Cookie Crimes gift card!

Cookie Monster
Ice Cream Cone
Cute Cone

New product!

Ice Cream Heist


Can't decide what flavor to get?  Get a selection of them! Our Ice Cream Heist lets you get a sampler scoop of any six flavors of our made-from-scratch ice cream! You can also substitute out a flavor or two for cookies if you wish.

This is perfect for a 2-4 people to share.

New combo!

Ice Cream Sandwiches


Staying in?  Consider adding us to your Netflix and chill plans. This combo is here so you can build legendary ice cream sandwiches at home. Pick any pint and any 4 cookies and, most importantly, save some money!
Also available in family size (2 pints and 8 cookies) for $35

Cookie Crime (noun)

An act or activity that is delicious in nature but carries caloric consequences. An innocent indulgence.

Have you ever bought a box of cookies with every intention of sharing but they just didn't make it?  That's a Cookie Crime!

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What we do

Magnificent Cookies

Our cookies are home-made style and are still warm from the oven. Inspired by New York, where giant cookies are king! Also available for takeaway.

Incredible Ice Cream

Made from scratch in-store.  No mixes, powders, or preservatives. We specialize in ice cream that makes your mouth water with curiousity

Hitman Services

Looking to arrange a cookie crime of your own?  Let's talk!

Why we do it

Diana and I started our journey here as a 2021 Covid project. We were all isolated for the pandemic but in a way, we had been on a steady path of isolation for years prior. Negativity and anxiety have become dominant moods in our generation. In a small way to fight back against the direction the world was going, we decided to open a business that helps people remember that there are things to feel good about. For us, that means making authentic cookies and ice cream from scratch for our surrounding community.

There is something magical about going out for dessert. It's a small way of showing love to those you care about most. It's so easy to bond over ice cream - and we're speaking from experience.  We have the fondest memories from dating while enjoying ice cream and clowning around. Those moments brought us here; a family in Lethbridge with two beautiful children.

Aren’t we all tired of corporations chasing each other to the bottom?  Half of the “ice cream” for sale these days isn’t even technically ice cream!  We all collectively crave “real food”; how dystopian is that??  That’s why almost everything we sell is made from scratch, on location.  

The best thing about going out for dessert?  Never an unhappy experience.
Thank you for choosing to support our dream.

-Riley Walburger

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Support good food
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