Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cookie Crimes?

Cookies Crimes is a Mom and Pop cookie and ice cream café, local to Lethbridge Alberta. We are an excellent place to take your family out for a treat. You can expect to find a rotating menu of cookies and ice cream, all made from scratch. We are not some corporate chain - we are down-to-earth folks who just want to make the world a happier place.

Where can I find you?

We are located in the heart of downtown Lethbridge. We are across the street from Festival Square, the Telegraph Taphouse, and The Gate Church. Our address is 305 6 Street South

Who are the owners of Cookie Crimes?

Riley and Diana Walburger. We're a real mom and pop, raising our family here in Lethbridge. At any given time, at least one of us is probably in our store.  So if you want to speak to us, just ask!

What are your hours?

Our most current hours are listed on the footer of the page and on Google.  We are typically open Wednesday through Sunday during the Winter, and 7 days a week during the Summer.

What's special about your cookies?

Our cookies are inspired by New York, where giant cookies are king. We produce all of our cookies in-store from locally-sourced ingredients. We rotate a variety of cookies at any time, baked in small batches.  All of our cookies are individually packaged to make it easier to share them!

What's special about your ice cream?

We produce our ice cream fresh from the raw ingredients. No mixes, powders, or mass-produced malarky. Our product is considered premium ice cream, targeting 14-16% milkfat with minimal overrun. This means the ice cream is much richer and flavorful than what you can get from the grocery store. And, unlike the profit-driven franchises out there, we sparingly use flavor extracts in favor of authentic flavoring. For example, Strawberry Ice Cream is so much better when it's made from real fruit! We think you'll agree.

I'm lactose intolerant.

That's not a question. But it is unfortunate! We have an oat-based gelato that is similar in texture to our ice cream that might suit your needs. We try to always have a dairy-free option in our dipping cabinet. For cookies, we often have butter-free options!

What about vegetarians?

Nearly all of our cookies are made with butter and/or eggs, so if you are a strictly observing vegetarian we'd advise you ask before you buy. We try our best to have a vegetarian option in our ice cream dipping cabinet. Our vegetarian options will be labeled in-store, but please engage our ice cream "slingers" and they can help you find the right fit for your dietary needs.

Is there a gluten-free option?

We've had some success converting our cookies to gluten-free. We are doing our best to have a few cookie options available all the time. Many of our ice creams are gluten-free, as long as you skip the waffle cone! Don't be afraid to ask before you buy!

Are you hiring?

We have a full team right now, but will gladly accept your resume.

How do I apply for a job?

You are welcome to drop off in store or reach us online. Please DM us on Instagram or Twitter. @cookiecrimesYQL

What do you pay?

It depends on the position. Part-time employees start at $17/hr
We offer complete pay transparency between our employees.  That includes what we, the owners, earn too.

Do you offer benefits?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Why would I want to work here?

This would be the ideal job for someone who enjoys spreading a little joy in the world. Going out and getting ice cream (or cookies!) with the family is a universally positive thing, and it's energizing to be a part of that. As a mom and pop operation, you can expect a more flexible work arrangement - if you're a good, genuine worker, we'll accommodate your needs as best as we can. For our full-time employees, you also get to learn the inner workings of making ice cream and cookies.

Do your employees get free cookies and ice cream?

Balance in all things, we give our employees a good tasting of all of our new products so they can be truthful when customers have a question. You'll get a free cookie every shift and some discounts on our product too.