Corporate Services

Whether you're looking to promote your business, or build morale within your team, Cookie Crimes is well-suited to help you with your needs.

Printed Cookies

We can print sugar cookies with any image or design. Say thank you in a personalized and tasty way!

Pricing for 2.5" square, round, or rectangular cookies, printed:

  • 12-35 priced at $5 ea
  • 36-59 priced at $4.5 ea
  • 60+ priced at $4 ea
  • Larger discounts available for recurring orders

$30 fee for design services, $0 if image supplied

Bulk Cookie Orders

Normally we limit our cookie sales to what's available, but with a large-enough order, we can make ANY batch just for you! Our cookies come individually-packaged to make them easier to handle. If you want to use these cookies for marketing, we can help you by applying any provided branding stickers to the packaging for no extra charge.
Pricing for bulk cookie orders:

  • 12 - 200 cookies: $2.5 ea
  • More than 200 cookies: $2.25 ea

Ice Cream Cakes

Our 8" ice cream cakes are made with real ice cream, unlike other options on the market. An ice cream cake is a great gesture for a birthday or other celebration. Our ice cream cakes sell for $30 and can be made with any ice cream we are currently scooping.  Please note, advance notice will be required for custom flavors.

Gift Cards

A gift card is a great gift, and our gift cards are rather popular! Who doesn't like cookies and ice cream? Plus getting a physical, plastic card beats an electronic gift card any day!

For our corporate customers, we are happy to offer a 10% discount on all gift card purchases at or above $100. We can make any denomination you like and they never expire.

Interested in an estimate?  Contact us below:

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What does it cost?

Prices apply to within Lethbridge city limits.

We can accommodate special requests for specific cookies but if it doesn't matter to you, they'll get a variety of different cookies.

Cost, Delivered

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6 delicious cookies
12 amazing cookies
24 delectable cookies
36 mouthwatering cookies
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A comically-large amount of giant cookies


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