Our goal is to have something for everyone

Current Ice Creams

Toasted S'mores- New for September!

This is a smokey ice cream, containing real toasted marshmallows, candied graham crackers, and a crackly chocolate swirl. We're very proud of this unusual twist on an otherwise traditional flavor.

Rhubarb Crisp - New for September!

Imagine enjoying a rhubarb crisp where every bite had the perfect amount of ice cream in it.

Sour Raspberry - New for September!

A smash hit - imagine what blue sour patch kids taste like. Yes, a sour ice cream!

Honeyed Earl Grey - Leaving soon!

Made with real tea, this ice cream tastes vaguely of froot loops and has a honey-caramel swirl throughout. A local tea fan rated it 10/10!

Peaches and Cream

Debuting at the Celebrating Downtown Awards, this ice cream takes our best vanilla base and generously swirls a lovely peach compote throughout.

Apple Pie

This ice cream has an apple pie and cinnamon base. Every batch contains two whole apple pies!

Mint Oreo

A lovely creme de menthe ice cream with Oreo cookies mixed throughout.


Steeped with real coffee beans, it tastes like certain chain's iced cappuccino. Highly recommended to get in a waffle cone - such a great complementary flavor!

Double Vanilla

A classic flavor for those with a sensitive palate. Made with real Madagascar vanilla. Gluten-free.

Dutch Chocolate

Made with Dutch-process cocoa, this chocolate has a smooth and gently spiced, almost malty flavor. Gluten-free.


A scoop in a Waffle Cone or Cup
Like our ice cream, our waffle cones are made fresh in store

Extra Scoops

Pup Cups




Pup Cups
Unflavored frozen yogurt for your furbaby!

Ice Cream Sandwich
Your chosen favorite ice cream flavor between two cookies


Pints of Ice Cream
Flavors vary and may include discontinued or new flavors


Cups of Italian Ice


Ice Cream Heist
A flight of 6 different ice creams - great for 2-4 people!


Ingredients used in all our Ice Cream

Our ice cream is made from scratch and targets about 14% milkfat. Remember: under 10% MF is not ice cream!

Milk, Cream, Skim Milk Powder

Sugar, Dextrose (corn sugar), Salt

Stabilizes the ice crystals. Makes the ice cream smoother.

Egg Yolks, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum

Sweetens and flavors the ice cream. Makes the ice cream softer.

Can't have ice cream without the dairy!


Coconut Oil

Imparts some flavor, and changes the melting properties.

Retired Flavors

Miss me?  These flavors might come back some day!

Blueberry Muffin
Cotton Candy
Froot Loop
Cherry Cheesecake
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Coconut Cookies and Cream
Kit Kat Brownie

Lemonade Italian Ice
Pink Lemonade
Old Bay Cornbread
Shark Attack
Watermelon Sorbet

Currently-Available Cookies

Chai Snap- New for September!

Made with freshly-ground cardamom sourced from our neighbours, the Urban Apothecary. This cookie is fragrant and a delight to devour.

Monster Cookie - New for September!

Filled with dark, milk, and white chocolate chunks, semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, and Skor bits.

Chocolate Zucchini - New for September!

A double-chocolate cookie with everyone's favorite summer garden vegetable!

Peanut Butter Chunk - New for September!

Made with peanut butter, Reese's pieces, and chunks of milk chocolate. Not recommended for people with nut allergies 😂

Chocolate Chip - Back by popular demand!

Our Chocolate Chip cookie has the perfect combination of chocolate, chewiness, and size.  It is guaranteed to hit the spot.

Premium Cookie: German Chocolate

A gorgeous chocolate cookie topped with a coconut and pecan icing. Riley's absolute favorite cookie!

Gluten-Free Selection

While supplies last. Chocolate Chip, Gingersnap, Chai Snap, Monster, and Chocolate Zuchinni


Individual Cookies

4-pack of Cookies

Boxes of Cookies
Minimum of a dozen, price is per cookie



$2.50 ea

Ice Cream Sandwich
Your chosen favorite ice cream flavor between two cookies


Premium Cookies
These cookies are not available in boxes


Ingredients used in our Cookies

All of our cookies are made with eggs and butter.  Most also contain gluten, and some contain fruits and/or nuts.

Retired Cookies

Miss me?  These cookies might come back some day!

Banana Chip
Cranberry Oatmeal Pecan
Joanne's Gingersnap

Mini New Yorker
The Kitchen Sink

General Allergen Warning

While we will always have lifestyle and allergy-friendly options, we cannot claim they are completely allergen-free. Because we don't have duplicate equipment, we can only do our best to clean and sanitize between batches.  If you have a severe allergy, please proceed with caution.

We will soon have pages on each flavor listing ingredients and calorie information.  In the meantime, information can be provided by contacting us through Twitter or Instagram: @CookieCrimesYQL