Our goal is to have something for everyone

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⭐ denotes a premium cookie.


Chocolate Chip Cookie

A true classic cookie, the Chocolate Chip.

Churro Chip Cookie

The cinnamon-sugar flavor of churros pairs perfectly with soft, chewy cookie dough.

Cookie Monster Cookie

We can't have a cookie (and ice cream) store without a cookie dedicated to Cookie Monster!

Joanne's Gingersnap Cookie

A secret family recipe passed on for generations. Made in honor of Joanne Erickson.

Kitchen Sink Cookie

This cookie contains everything but the kitchen sink!

Root Beer Float Cookie

Root beer float in a cookie

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie

Vegan and Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie

Combination of a brownie and a cookie into one delicious treat

Ice Creams

Coconut Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

A twist on traditional cookies and cream - with toasted coconut!

Dairy-Free Fuzzy Peach Oat Gelato

A bright and sour peachy ice cream! Tastes like the candy!

Double-Vanilla Ice Cream

Made with Mexican vanilla, this ice cream has double the vanilla of our other ice creams!

Golden Milk Ice Cream

A flavor from India! Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, and Coconut!

Lavender Lemon Cookie Ice Cream

A fragrant and floral ice cream with pieces of our famous lemon bar cookies mixed in throughout for a nice chewy flavor.

Matcha Ice Cream

In celebration of Asian Heritage month, try our Matcha ice cream, made with real Matcha powder!

Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

A smooth, milky chocolate ice cream featuring notes of chocolate and allspice for a unique flavor.

Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Cotton candy ice cream is whimsical and nostalgic! Perfect for kids of all ages!

Root Beer Float Ice Cream

You know that part of a root beer float where the root beer crystalizes on the vanilla ice cream? That's what this ice cream tastes like in every bite.





Premium Cookie




12 or more (each)


Waffle Cone Chips


Waffle Cone or Cup


Kid's Cone


Extra Scoops




Ice Cream Sandwiches

Design your own dessert with an ice cream sandwich! Pick any two cookies and any flavor of ice cream for a unique combination! On average, there are over 700 combinations possible!
Pictured: Oreo Chip and Key Lime Cheesecake ice cream sandwich


Ice Cream Cakes (8")

Features a cookie base with a fudge layer and our premium ice cream (not ice milk like DQ!) They serve 8-12 people and are always available in Double Vanilla and Milk Chocolate.
If we're scooping a flavor, we can make it into a cake! Please allow 3 days notice for custom cakes! To order, visit our orders page!


Ice Cream Heist

Sometimes it's difficult to choose just one or two flavors, so why not get a heist? It's a flight any 6 flavors your choose in a slightly smaller scoop.  These are perfect for a date night or a birthday party.


Milkshake, whipped cream included


Coffee / Hot Chocolate


Smuggler (coffee or hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream)


Bottles of cold water

Gift Cards (available in any denomination)

A gift card is a great gift, and our gift cards are rather popular! Who doesn't like cookies and ice cream?
We are happy to offer a 10% discount on all gift card purchases at or above $100. We can make any denomination you like and they never expire.

General Allergen Statement

While we will always have lifestyle and allergy-friendly options, we cannot claim they are completely allergen-free. Because we don't have duplicate equipment, we can only do our best to clean and sanitize between batches.  If you have a severe allergy, please proceed with caution.

Ingredients used in all our Ice Cream

Our ice cream is made from scratch and targets about 14% milkfat. Remember: under 10% MF is not ice cream!

Milk, Cream, Skim Milk Powder

Sugar, Dextrose (corn sugar), Salt

Stabilizes the ice crystals. Makes the ice cream smoother.

Egg Yolks, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum

Sweetens and flavors the ice cream. Makes the ice cream softer.

Can't have ice cream without the dairy!


Coconut Oil

Imparts some flavor, and changes the melting properties.