Cookie Crimes wants to make Lethbridge a happier place.

"Hitman" Services

Sure, you could order cookies for yourself, but wouldn't it be better to order cookies for someone you care about?

Order a "hit" on someone in the City of Lethbridge and within 48 hours a box of still-warm cookies will arrive at their door.

We just need to know a few things:

  • Where and when to find them
  • Weaknesses (ie - allergies)
  • A message or social media account you'd like to promote

Like any hitman worth their salt, we will send you evidence once the deed is done using Twitter and Instagram Stories. Follow our social media account @CookieCrimesYQL


Give us all the deets using this form.
When you have it ready, you can email us (we do accept e-transfers) or drop it off if you'd rather pay with cash or card. We'll take care of the rest.

Coming soon - we'll be able to process your hitman form and payment through this website!

What does it cost?

Prices apply to within Lethbridge city limits.

We can accommodate special requests for specific cookies but if it doesn't matter to you, they'll get a variety of different cookies.

Cost, Delivered

4 warm cookies
6 delicious cookies
12 amazing cookies
24 delectable cookies
36 mouthwatering cookies
Let's talk
A comically-large amount of giant cookies


Support good food
and local business.

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